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Clever Ways to Use Facebook Groups

A Group is a little community of (potentially) like-minded people focused around a topic or idea. They’re kind of like “Topic Tables” at a networking event, or even splintering off with some friends at a big conference so you can catch up and have a more focused, meaningful conversation.

As Facebook deprioritizes publisher content and potentially makes brand advertising more important, agency buyers are increasingly pitching Facebook groups to advertisers.

Facebook launched “Groups for Pages” over the summer, which enabled Pages to make groups or simply get them linked. Facebook says about a billion people use groups every month. Groups are attractive to brands because they combine community with “authenticity” — and won’t be punished under the new algorithm changes.

Groups can work for brands with active communities. For example, fitness company Peloton uses a Peloton Rider group that is linked to its official Peloton page.

Carlos Food Shout Facebook Groups Qpons

Restaurant's Food Promotions

Carlos Food Shout Works!

Carlos Food Shout promotes and publishes the food dishes that are offered as special discounts from Latin American Restaurant menus on Facebook Groups and CarlosFoodShout.com (a semi-clone of Foursquare.com) and on our selected Social Media (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

You only need to give us information of the food meals you want to promote and our Art Department, Marketing and Social Media Marketing Departments are responsible for performing all the work for your restaurant without any additional charges.

We’ll design and create the promotions and post them for you!



Custom pillows with your video message

We bring a beautiful custom shaped pillow to life with your video message when we apply a layer of Augmented Reality.

We bring a beautiful custom shaped pillow’ They will love and will never forget it!

Get your products online instantly. More customers through your door.

Get started in seconds

Just connect a Pointy box to your barcode scanner, or if you use one of the POS systems below, you can download our free app.

Your products appear online

Carry on as normal. Your products will appear on your Pointy Page automatically.

No data entry needed.

Your products appear online

Pointy helps your store and products to appear higher up in search results.

Integrate with Google "See What's In Store"

Google's "See What's In Store" gives shoppers an additional way to discover what your store sells, directly on the Google search page.

It's an effective way to attract more customers.

SambaPOS Tweet your order from your Twitter account!


Stay One Step Ahead

SambaPOS Restaurant Management System

Advanced Features

SambaPOS is the only restaurant management software developed to help you run your business the way you want to. Advanced features give your business the tools to serve your customer’s needs.

Kitchen Screens

SambaPOS is the only restaurant management software developed to help you run your business the way you want to. Advanced features give your business the tools to serve your customer’s needs.

Kitchen Screens

Build great looking kitchen screens and make them work how you imagined them.

Merge tables, split bills, offer discounts, or track number of guests while taking orders directly from your tables.


Other sub systems and software can be integrated easily. Payments can be received by many POS devices.

POS software built for simplicity

Square Point of Sale: The POS that's easy to set up and use.

POS software built for simplicity

Set up your free Square Point of Sale system with ease. The intuitive order and payment flow makes POS transactions a snap and let you effortlessly manage customers and your entire business.

Get to know your customers

Keep track of customers’ purchase histories automatically, send digital receipts, and collect instant feedback to improve your service.

Do it all in Square Dashboard

Sign in from any device and compare results day over day, or year over year, to see what’s working best.

Make more informed business decisions

Get real-time sales reports by item or tender type, and search refunds, discounts, and comps. Filter reports by employee, location, and POS device.

Keep your inventory in stock

Adjust the stock of all your items and add item descriptions by different modifiers, sizes, and SKUs.


Facebook Messenger Marketing


How can Messenger help your business?

Acquire customers.

Messenger helps you simplify customer acquisition by providing a direct, conversational way for people to take action where they already spend their time

Enable transactions.

Building a presence on Messenger allows people to browse your products and services, and purchase them directly in the conversation.

Drive awareness.

Building an experience on Messenger can help get your business, product or service in front of more people. Whether you’re launching a new product or driving awareness, conversation creates a meaningful connection with your business.

Show customers you care.

Integrating Messenger into a customer service strategy allows customers to communicate with your business on their terms. No more waiting on hold or keeping website windows open. And the conversation stays in Messenger, an easily accessible spot for questions and re-engagement.

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